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Thomas P Schieffer, Zen Shiatsu and Clinical Herbalist specializing in holistic lifestyle consulting, muscle tension and pain, acute and chronic sports injury, trauma, stress relief, and bringing back vitality.

I can help with a wide range of health problems and everyday preventive maintenance to bring you more ease and vitality in your life. If you are simply looking to refine your health regimen and to understand yourself at a deeper level, I can also provide insight which will result in an overall healthier lifestyle. All treatments and recommendations use only a natural holistic approach to bring you deep and long-lasting vitality. Treating the Pioneer Valley of Western Ma, including Shelburne Falls Ma, Northampton Ma, Amherst Ma, Greenfield Ma and Brattleboro Vt.


Herbal Consultations

Each consultation involves a question and answer, along with pulse diagnosis and tongue analysis for further insight and confirmation. The initial intake also involves an in-depth inquiry of your life history, giving me a complete picture of your long-term health, from which I can better understanding the root causes of health imbalance in your life. The main focus is to help you find vitality through lifestyle changes and herbal remedies rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine. I may also use Qigong and yoga exercise. After each consultation you will leave with specific insight and tools for better health.

Acute symptoms– 30min session
Recommended- min 3 session

Chronic symptoms– 1hour initial and 30 min follow-up
Recommended- min 1 Initial and 3 follow-ups

Skype & Phone Consultations

Have all the benefits of in house consult but at home. Call (413) 320-5063 for more information or use the contact form below.

Wellness session

Zen Shiatsu is a type of bodywork, like massage, but where you stay fully clothed and lie on a comfortable mat on the floor. I will guide you through a series of postures and body movements, with palming and finger pressing to open and release the pain and discomfort in your muscles and joints. This process will give you profound healing, allowing your owns body’s innate ability to heal and rebalance. Demonstration Video.

Treatment OptionsPackage discount available
Relieve– acute problems- 3 sessions
Resolve– chronic problems- 6 sessions
Stay well– maintaining health- 2 sessions per month

Corporate Wellness Programs


Vital Herbalist Corporate Wellness Programs provides corporate bodywork and health and wellness education to law firms, financial institutions, non-profits and businesses of all sizes in Western Mass.

Corporate Bodywork Program offers session lengths that range from 15 minutes to one hour for as many as 60 employees per day. We work with employers to offer specific bodywork therapy and self-care information to their employees as part of an on-going wellness program (multiple sessions package) or as a one-time, in-office event (single session). A small room is all we need to provide you and your employees a low-cost, high-return work break with lasting benefits.

Corporate Health and Wellness Education program involves two programs, Basic (1) one hour class and Comprehensive (4) one hour class focusing on finding your healthy lifestyle with group interaction, commitment and progress check-in.  The benefit of a group setting is that it gives each person support and collective knowledge to integrate what he or she has learned into their lives. The program is taught in a simple and more economical format to make it more accessible to a wide range of people.  The core of the program is based on nurturing and supporting the healthier part of us all, so you can thrive. All consulting is tailored to meet the needs of your specific group. Call (413) 320-5063 to learn more about how group wellness consulting can work for you.

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Appointment & Prices at 98 Main St, Northampton, Ma; Fri 9-9, Sat 12-6

Gift certificates available

Cash, Check, PAYPAL and All Major Credit Card are accepted as Payment Options

There is a 24 hour cancel policy, Full payment for the consultation will be required if canceled under 24 hours or missed.

About Thomas P. Schieffer

Thomas Schieffer, Clinical Herbalist and Shiatsu practitioner, has extensive experience in healing with Medicinal Herbs, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and bodywork. His passion for herbs and bodywork led him to study with William Siff, owner and teacher at Goldthread Herb Farm and Apothecary.  Thomas completed both the Goldthread Farm to Pharmacy and Clinical Herbalist programs.  He has also studied at the schools of esteemed herbalists Michael Tierra and Paul Bergner. He studied with Lonny Jarrett to learn the ancient art of pulse diagnosis and clinical intake. For Shiatsu, Thomas studies with Master Shunji Morimoto and certified with AOBTA.  All of this gives him the depth of knowledge and skills to help his patients with a wide variety of health problems. Thomas’s diverse training also gives him the ability to see and work with people as they currently are and to help bring them down the path to deep and profound healing.Treating the Pioneer Valley of Western Ma, including Shelburne Falls Ma, Northampton Ma, Amherst Ma, Greenfield Ma and Brattleboro Vt.

Thomas’s career education began with his family, where he learned both on the farm and at constructions sites. From the lessons passed on through the generations of construction workers Thomas developed a vast knowledge of building from blueprints to finished structures; a perspective he now applies to the body. He studied mechanical engineering in college, and subsequently worked at an Aircraft Corporation for 10 years as a flight mechanic and helicopter engineer. However, he followed his passion for the herbal and bodywork lifestyle, leaving the corporation for greener pastures. Thomas is certified yoga teacher, having completed his Iyengar training with esteemed teacher Eileen Muir at Karuna Yoga.  Thomas is also a certified Qigong teacher after 12 years of rigorous study with Dr. Yang Jing Ming. Other passions include Martial Arts, which he has practiced for 18 years, and wilderness and survival training.



I feel truly fortunate to have found Thomas at his new location in Shelburne Falls. While our work together began as nutritional counseling for bone healing, our sessions have led to a broader plan for integrated /holistic good health. Thomas uses his diverse knowledge and keen intuition to find the optimal healing path. With his careful guidance, I am learning how to make some dynamic changes in my life.

– Lisa Colrain, MA

Every day I am grateful for Thomas.  Watching him live his life gives me inspiration to make a friend of my body and give it what it needs as I grow older.  In my sessions with Thomas I was impressed with his blend of intuition, directness, and great caring.

– Sam Conway, MA

Thomas’ was both generous with his time and experience as he helped me take a few more steps towards a healthier way of being.  His knowledge is sure to assist you as you examine how to improve your own health. 

– Nina Shelburne Falls, MA

In a nutshell he described Shiatsu as Acupuncture without the needles. I have worked with acupuncturists to great effect so I was immediately curious. Again in a nutshell Shiatsu works and Thomas -at least to me- is a master of it. Over an hour session he un-locked nuts of tension. helped my spirit to breathe and left me feeling better than I have in a long time. 

– Bob Northampton, Ma

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